Pursued UMHB Revival 2020

Revival 2020

March 30 - April 1, 7pm Nightly

UMHB is excited to host Revival 2020 online with Brian Rayburn and Revenant Worship.
Join us here nightly at 7pm on March 30, March 31, and April 1.

Previous Sessions

March 30
March 31
April 1 Chapel

Small Group Zoom Meetings

We as a Revival Committee want to provide small group time even though we can’t all be together. If you are with your family or friends during the nights of Revival, we encourage y’all to work through the small group questions posted on our social media.

However if you were unable to meet with anyone during the nights of Revival, join the zoom calls the committee set up, meeting IDs posted below! The zoom call will be lead by a steering committee member at the end of each night.

  • March 30 Meeting
  • March 31 Meeting
  • April 1 Meeting