MyWay at UMHB

A Degree that Works with You.

MyWay is a competency-based education (CBE) program at UMHB. This means flexible pacing and you decide when you’re ready to take an assessment to demonstrate each competency. Once you’ve demonstrated mastery of an assessment, you’re free to move on to the next one. All this happens while a part of a personal support system of success coaches and faculty.

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MyWay Degrees

UMHB offers two fully online degree completion programs through MyWay - the Bachelor of Applied Studies in Organizational Leadership and the RN to BSN for registered nurses with an Associates degree.

Organizational Leadership RN to BSN

Additional MyWay Programs

The TeachingMyWay alternative certification program provides a way for individuals with bachelor’s degrees to acquire Texas teaching certification. Additionally, the Certified Associate in Project Management pre-certification course prepares individuals for the CAPM exam. Both programs are offered fully online, through a competency-based platform.

Teacher Certification CAPM Pre-Certification
MyWay offers fully online delivery.

MyWay is Flexible.

Fully Online Delivery

You already have a full-time life. MyWay is the degree program that lets you work when you like, wherever you are. You’ll access all content and resources through our custom-designed online system—no need for textbooks. Submit your assessments and interact with UMHB coaches, faculty, and students with ease. Your flat fee covers all costs.

More about Online Learning
MyWay is an accelerated-pace program.

Accelerated Pace

As you go, just show us what you know, and you’re ready to move on. The MyWay degree is designed around competencies—demonstrated mastery of skills and knowledge. Through assessments like papers, presentations, and proposals, you complete each competency. Take the time you need on challenging subjects and move more quickly through familiar topics.

What is Competency-Based Education?
MyWay is an accelerated-pace program.
MyWay gives you the flexibility to set your own calendar.

Set Your Own Calendar

We understand that life happens sometimes, that education isn’t a “one size fits all,” that it takes a supportive environment, and that achieving a degree is an important milestone regardless of when it happens. With MyWay, new terms start each month, so you can begin when you’re ready. Unlike traditional programs, MyWay works with your schedule. If you need a break from studying for a few days or even a few weeks, there’s no problem and no penalty.

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MyWay is transfer-friendly.


With your previous college experience, you’re off to a great start with MyWay. During the admissions process, our counselors will be sure that, as much as possible, what you’ve already accomplished will count toward your degree.

Is MyWay a Good fit for me?
MyWay is transfer-friendly.

MyWay is Affordable.

$3,250 per 6-month subscription.

Master as many credit hours as you can during your 6-month subscription for a flat rate of $3,250—the more you complete, the more affordable it becomes. We offer full or monthly payment plans to help you budget. All resources are included so there are no textbook fees. In fact, there are no additional or hidden fees. Financial aid is also available for MyWay.

Paying for MyWay
MyWay is designed by UMHB Faculty.

MyWay is High Quality.

Developed by UMHB Faculty

Focused on the highest quality of teaching and research, the MyWay curriculum and learning environment reflect UMHB’s standards of excellence in education. Dedicated to serving others in a Christian environment, faculty members will personally welcome you and guide you along the way.

UMHB Online Education
MyWay is designed to be a UMHB experience.

Designed to be a UMHB Experience

This isn’t just another online program. MyWay brings UMHB to you—where you are. You’ll enjoy personal interactions with faculty and staff, and you’ll even have the opportunity to join online communities. Since the UMHB Christian mission shines through the curriculum and the relationships, you don’t have to be on campus to become a Crusader.

UMHB Distinctives
MyWay is designed to be a UMHB experience.
Personal Success Coaches help you achieve your goals.

Personal Success Coach to Help you Reach your Goals

When you start the program, you’ll be assigned a Success Coach who will stay with you until you receive your degree. Phone calls with your coach will keep you connected. More than an academic advisor, your coach helps you set targets and offers personalized assistance as needed.

MyWay Distinctives
Tutoring available 24/7.

Tutoring Service Available 24/7

If you need some extra help on certain subjects, we’re here for you. Online assistance with a live tutor is available 24/7, and our faculty are ready to help, too. You’ll also have access to a collection of learning resources to refresh skills like essay writing and to update you on new software tools.

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Tutoring available 24/7.