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UMHB’s Modular Master’s program lets you build a degree to fit your career goals.

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Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Information Systems *
Master of Science in Accounting

* Qualifies for STEM OTP Extension
for international students

** Begins Summer 2020

Add a Concentration (Electives)

Choose any four courses from the list of electives;
if all four electives are from a single concentration,
your conferred degree will reflect that focus.

Accounting Analytics
Health Care Administration**
Information Systems*
International Business
Not-for-Profit Management**
Supply Chain Management**

Work from home, but not alone

Online programs offer the flexibility needed
to balance your studies with your career
and personal life, yet many people miss the
support provided by professors and fellow
students in a live classroom setting. That’s why
we’ve adopted a hybrid delivery model for
these master’s degrees.

The McLane College of Business offers three Modular Master's Degrees.

Build a degree that fits you

Photo of business student completing courses outdoors

Master of Business Administration

The MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) is a 36-hour rigorous business education for professionals seeking career advancement. MBA students cover core topics including management, marketing, accounting, leadership, data analysis, communications, logistics, law, ethics, organizational behavior, and strategy.

Is this your degree?

The MBA does not require an undergraduate business degree. Our MBA honors the historic roots of the MBA as a business education for working professionals. Business degrees are just one possible start. So are chemistry, English literature, Christian studies, nursing, or anthropology.

What is critical is fulltime professional experience. If your goal is organizational leadership and rock star analytical abilities, and you’ve been in the
“real world” for a bit, the MBA is your degree.

Photo of business student completing courses outdoors
Photo of Data Center Manager

Master of Science in Information Systems

The MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS (MSIS) is a 36-hour degree providing advanced education to start or further a career in information technologies. MSIS students focus on technology management, database management, IT infrastructure, data mining, basic programming skills, ERP systems, information security, and system implementation.

Is this your degree?

MSIS students come from all backgrounds. Most often we see students with undergraduate degrees in computer science, engineering, and information systems, but students with business, science, or other degrees also do well. Professional experience is always helpful, but not a prerequisite.

If your goal is technology leadership or technology immersion, you probably have what it takes to earn your MSIS degree.

Photo of woman completing an online course in accounting

Master of Science in Accounting

The MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ACCOUNTING (MSA) is a 30-hour advanced accounting education to prepare students for the CPA, CMA, and CGMA exams. MSA students receive boot-camp-like reviews leading to advanced topics in auditing, tax, cost accounting, fraud examination, not-for-profit accounting, and ethics.

Is this your degree?

This is the only degree with a prerequisite undergraduate education - a degree in accounting or the equivalent coursework. The MSA is intentionally designed to be completed by accounting graduates who have entered the field but need to complete their requisite hours and course load to sit for certification exams. Its structure is work friendly, with limited trips to campus and an emphasis on distance-learning technology.

If your goal is to become a successful accountant, either public or private, the MSA is your degree.

Photo of woman completing an online course in accounting

Concentration Descriptions

Accounting Analytics
Information Systems
International Business
Supply Chain **
Health Care Administration **
Not-for-Profit Management **

Six start dates per year

All semesters – fall, spring, and summer – are divided into two terms (A and B). Terms last six to eight weeks, and students can begin or end their degrees in any term.

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Master of Business AdministrationMaster of Science in Information SystemsMaster of Science in Accounting

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